UIFI Leader

Welcome home Amanda! Sort of 😉 Glad you made it home to Massachusetts safely! We are all so proud of you! Couldn’t have thought of anyone better to represent Chi Upsilon Sigma at the UIFI Conference! From the sound of it you were representing all Latino Greeks almost all my yourself!

Nalfo and NPHC love
Nalfo and NPHC love
Amanda's group at UIFI
Amanda's group at UIFI

For those unfamiliar with the honor of attending this Conference, here is an exert to give you an idea:

UIFI is a 5-day journey, with each day building upon the one previous. UIFI offers participants the opportunity to explore, define, and enhance their leadership skills, personal awareness, commitment to their fraternity or sorority, and grow to expect values based action from themselves and those they lead.

The institute is interactive, fun, challenging, and intentional. During a session, you’ll experience hands-on interaction, experiential activities, discussion time, and personal reflection time. There is considerable focus on the positive aspects of fraternities and sororities in addition to important discussions about issues that threaten our future. It really doesn’t matter what session you attend, the curriculum is the same at all of them.

Taking the ride means being willing to talk about how fraternity and sorority leaders live their ritual. It means having the courage, character, and commitment to do what is right and devise a plan to change the current direction of some fraternities and sororities. It means walking the talk. It means having a vision of positive change.

Each UIFI participant is challenged to develop a personal plan of action and to make a commitment to leading their organizations through the change process. It is a unique challenge, one that each participant must be willing to undertake.


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