Welcome back Yuritzi, Beatriz, and Jasmine! Sounds like you women had the time of your lifes on the trip to Chicago! Glad you made it home safely and survived that Road Trip! Still didn’t beat Monica and Narcely’s random road trip to Rhode Island for Ocean Exposure… but you came close! 🙂

Some ask, what is the big deal about being NATIONAL? Does it really matter your organization is the second oldest sorority in the Nation and you have over 50 chapter? Well this is why… NO MATTER WHERE YOU GO YOU WILL ALWAYS FIND A SISTER!  What is a Greek trip without meeting up with a sister from the other side of the country?

While in Chicago, the Alpha Zeta women were able to meet up with La’tisha Timmons from Alpha Mu Chapter, University of South Florida. Yea three sisters from Texas meet up with a Florida sister in Chicago… follow that? 🙂 It’s not just about having Sisters all over the nation, plenty of organizations have that… it’s about having an actual BOND with ALL of them! I love this Sisterhood!

Now because every blog is better with pictures, here they are:

With Sister from Alpha MuCUS and Lambdas in ChicagoFormal Locked Up:)


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