Bonds that Last Forever

Most of our chapter blog posts are general messages, but I decided to be a little different today and write directly.

This past Saturday Alpha Zeta held an Alumni Outreach event. I’ve always loved these events; even more so now as an alum! Just like any family, as Alpha Zeta grows through the years our sisters began to branch out. Those of us that were around during our first years cherish the days when the ENTIRE chapter could call each other and meet at Shirley or the TCU Apartments. 🙂 While we still frequently hang out, it is a much harder task to get the entire chapter together. I say all that in order to further express how meaningful these events are to each of us.

Saturday we met at Lisa’s, a founding sister, apartment in Dallas. We started the day relaxing in the pool talking about career paths, boyfriends/fiances/husbands, working out, FOOD (if you know AZ you know this is a hot topic). After we were all nice and toasty we headed inside for the goods, i.e. delicious sandwiches, chips, dip and fruit finished off with brownies AL MODE, and a fierce game of TABOO! I am pretty sure Alpha Zeta almost has every card memorized! 😉 From there we went into more discussions about politics, travels, modern day discrimination… we get deep!

Words can not express how amazing the time is when we get together. So many strong and independent women in one room. It gets intense to say the least. To sum up this entry I just wanted to express how thankful I am to have been blessed with so many amazing sisters!

~ Monica Guerrero
AZ/Gamma FA04 #1

A bond like ours, there is no other.
Women so strong…

The Hibiscus welcoming us to the pool 🙂

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