Extra Extra

This post comes a couple months late but better late than never. Thanks to a great group of CUS Women in our region we now have a Great Plains Publication! It’s a great way to keep up with all things … Great Plains related! Please be sure and check out the first issue HERE!

Be sure to keep coming back! Volume II will be out August 1st!

Volume I | Issue I | May 2009

The Wise One: GPP Staff
Angelica Saldaña (Φ/E)
Anna Castillo (Π/A)
Jennifer Ramirez (Φ/A)
Kris Delgado (Φ/A)
Lisa Cano (AZ/A)
MiAlicia Amaya (Φ/Γ)
Narcely Ruiz (AZ/E)
Natalia Alejandro(Φ/A)
Norma Sanchez (AT/A)


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