Horned Frog Interest

Hey Fellow Horned Frogs! Considering joining a Greek organization this coming year?

Whether your interest lies in CUS or another organization, we encourage you to BE INFORMED! As Women of Wisdom we know a person makes the best decisions when they know all their options! Our sisterhood is a lifelong commitment so we want to make sure you are fully informed!

Have questions or concerns, any sister of Chi Upsilon Sigma is always open and ready to answer them! You can email us at alpha.zeta@justbecus.org. We can even connect you with a sister in a similar educational field if you’d like! Alpha Zeta has sisters in all fields from Social Work to Math or Business! Visit our National Site and learn about OWLS in CUS on the JustBeCUS link to the left.

The best way to be informed about TCU Organizations is to attend the Mosaic. It’s actually a requirement if you’d like to join any NPHC/MGC Organization.

“The Mosaic” will tentatively take place September 1, 2009. “The Mosaic” is an informational type event that MGC and NPHC organizations participate in that showcases their organizations and what their processes entail.


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