Family inheritance…

JL teaching a little boy about the trombone
JL teaching a little boy about the trombone

When you join CUS, not only do you gain sisters, but you also inherit sisters’ families.  There’s nothing more special to me, for instance, than to feel the comfort of my extended family, Lisa’s (AZ/A) mother, father and sister sitting behind me at church.  It’s a tradition now; we all sit in the same place come Sunday mornings.  But it’s not just about them sitting behind and the protection I feel; it’s about them sharing with me some of the most intimate moments in my life.  They see me smile, worship and praise God and sometimes even cry.  I love seeing the interactions between my mom, Lisa’s mom and family and Erica’s mom and family at church.

This morning, I had another warm moment.  My line sister Yuri (and one of the closest women in my life) shared with our chapter her thoughts regarding the growth of her brother.  At that moment, I realized how important this little boy is to me too.   He is doing well in school and football.  Most recently, he was accepted into the Fort Worth Youth Orchestra.  I can’t believe he is growing up so fast.  When I met JL, he was in middle school and now he is about to be a sophomore in high school.  Our little man is growing up into a “responsible MAN”.

Line sister: I am as proud of JL as you are, and I’m also proud of you.  Yes! Your parents set an amazing foundation for you and your brothers, but as the older sister, it has been you who has committed fully to carry out their legacy by setting a good example.  I’m so proud of you, Saulo and JL.  I feel honored to be your sister and to be able to witness your family legacy come to fruition.

~ Narcely Ruiz (AZ/E SP06 #1)


2 thoughts on “Family inheritance…

  1. OMG you are about to make me cry sis!! JL was just a kid like 5 seconds ago! LOL awww I love you all!
    Erica Marez

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