Newsletter Release

Issue II of The Wise One is now available!

The Great Plains Publication Volume I Issue II was released yesterday August 3rd. Be sure to check it out. It has great information about our new Regional Board, OWLS expansion groups, and more!

With this release we also welcome the 2009-2011 Region V Board. Thank you women for stepping up to the plate and preparing us to move to new heights. Half of the Board is from our very own Alpha Zeta 🙂

Regional Vice President (RVP) – Narcely Ruiz (AZ/E)
Regional Administrative Officer (RAO) – Jennifer Ramirez (Phi/A)
Regional Intake Officer (RIO) – Danita Gallegos (Phi/Gamma)
Regional Expansion Officer (REO) – Lisa Cano (AZ/A)
Regional Undergraduate Delegate (RUD) – Monica Russell (AX/A)
Regional Alumni Delegate (RAD) – Beatriz Gutierrez (AZ/Z)

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