Newsletter Release

Issue II of The Wise One is now available!

The Great Plains Publication Volume I Issue II was released yesterday August 3rd. Be sure to check it out. It has great information about our new Regional Board, OWLS expansion groups, and more!

With this release we also welcome the 2009-2011 Region V Board. Thank you women for stepping up to the plate and preparing us to move to new heights. Half of the Board is from our very own Alpha Zeta 🙂

Regional Vice President (RVP) – Narcely Ruiz (AZ/E)
Regional Administrative Officer (RAO) – Jennifer Ramirez (Phi/A)
Regional Intake Officer (RIO) – Danita Gallegos (Phi/Gamma)
Regional Expansion Officer (REO) – Lisa Cano (AZ/A)
Regional Undergraduate Delegate (RUD) – Monica Russell (AX/A)
Regional Alumni Delegate (RAD) – Beatriz Gutierrez (AZ/Z)

About CUS - Alpha Zeta Chapter

Picture In the Spring of 2002 a group of women realized their common want and need for an organization that was something greater than what already existed at Texas Christian University; thus leading to the beginning of a concept that would turn out to have extraordinary outcomes. After many weeks of researching different sororities they came upon Corazones Unidos Siempre Chi Upsilon Sigma National Latin Sorority, Incorporated and upon this discovery the searching ended. The women wanted an organization that embodied sisterhood, education, and community service. This and much more was exemplified by Chi Upsilon Sigma. The two devoted women, Eugenia Redondo and Lisa Marie Cano, established the Alpha Zeta Colony at TCU on Sunday, April 13, 2003. Alpha Zeta Colony received Chapter recognition on April 11, 2005. The women of Alpha Zeta dedicate their efforts to promote the sorority’s motto, “Wisdom through Education” as well as educate the public on social, political, cultural, and educational issues. As Alpha Zeta continues to grow with women who are not content to accept an ordinary life, who are willing to make a difference and who are not afraid to voice their opinion, the Light of CUS will never grow dim.
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One Response to Newsletter Release

  1. Narcely Ruiz says:

    If you need to contact the RAO, you can email her at

    The following can be reached at:
    Beatriz Gutierrez, Regional Alumni Delegate,
    Monica Russell, Regional Undergraduate Delegate,

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