Horned Frog Interest II

Hey Fellow Horned Frogs!

Navigating your way through campus can get scary so if you need some direction, email us at alpha.zeta@justbecus.org and we’ll guide you.  We can even connect you with a sister in a similar educational field if you’d like! Alpha Zeta has sisters in all fields from Social Work to Math to Business!

Want to meet people, classmates, future best friends or husband/wife?  Here’s what you need to know:

Go by the Rec Pool on Monday, August 24 at 5pm. The TCU Inclusiveness & Intercultural Services is hosting a BBQ.  Free food!

Your college experience is a lifetime opportunity, so GET INVOLVED and INFORMED.  TCU has tons of organizations that you can join.  Check out the Fraternity & Sorority Life website at http://www.greeks.tcu.edu/index.asp for a list of all fraternities and sororities.  As Women of Wisdom, we know that our sisterhood is a lifelong commitment, so we encourage you to know all your options before making your decision.

You can also learn about the different organizations (Greek & non-Greek lettered) by attending the Activities Fair on Thursday, August 27, 6-8 pm at the BLUU Ballroom.

To learn more about Chi Upsilon Sigma and other NPHC/MGC organizations, you can go to “The Mosaic” on Tuesday, September 1, 7pm in the BLUUThe Mosaic is an informational type event that MGC and NPHC organizations participate in to showcase their organizations.  In ordered to join any NPHC/MGC organization in the fall or spring, you are required to attend “The Mosaic”.

The Freshman Tea – Wednesday, September 9, 5pm at the DJ Kelley Center – is another opportunity to meet the Greeks.

Good luck this year, welcome and welcome back to TCU and look forward to meeting you!


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