Greek Support

One of the greatest things about being a Cussie is the respect and support we recieve across the country. It’s the best feeling when we visit somewhere and say we’re part of Chi Upsilon Sigma, and the response is usually, “Ohhhh Cussies, I’ve heard about you! Man I heard you were hardcore!” Hardcore in Greek lingo is a term of respect and endearment. 🙂 It doesn’t mean we haze women! In fact, it’s quite the opposite; they know our process is one of great pride and discipline.

In return for the national support, we give the same back. Throughout the year we’ll attend other organizations’ national conventions. We may not wear the same letters but we all stand for one thing- bringing together our community to promote higher education.

This summer Amanda Kruse, along with other sisters near and far, had the opportunity to attend the national convention of Phi Iota Alpha Fraternity, Inc.  It was a great experience!

Amanda with NY and RI Linesisters

Amanda with Line Sisters from Rhode Island and New York


Cussies with fellow Greeks Delta Sigma Theta and Kappa Delta


Cussies with Phi Iota Alpha Brothers




One thought on “Greek Support

  1. This is amazing and what Greek Unity is all about. It really is about promoting Latinos, women and minorities in higher education. It’s also great to see NALFO Greeks supporting one another.

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