Ocean Exposure 2009

Ocean Exposure was bigger and better as it is every year! Words can’t express how great this event is. All proceeds go to the IHAD Foundation! Great food, friends, sister bonding, and a great philanthropy! What more can anyone ask for?


Klaudia Brown and Amanda Kruse (AZ/H SP07) with their Line Sisters


All the sisters and other Greeks at Ocean Exposure ’09


Cussies with brothers of Lambda Sigma Upsilon at after party


One thought on “Ocean Exposure 2009

  1. OMG, I love the pics. I love Ocean eXposure and ask any sister who has yet to attend to take a trip to Alpha Iota. First, Rhode Island is beautiful. Most importantly, our sisters are everywhere. Come on, who doesn’t want to have some sisterhood bonding time with our captivating sisters.

    Wow, 2007, 2008, and now 2009? I’m glad to see KB and Amanda reppin AZ and Great Plains out there. AZ has been represented at Ocean eXposure for four consecutive years.

    Why four years? Because some random day in the summer of 2006 (I had just crossed), I said to some of my chapter sisters… “hey we should go to Ocean eXposure… we should like drive”… and sisters responded “no, that’s crazy… yea I’m down”…lol. So Monica Guerreo (AZ/Gamma Fall 04), Griselda Mendoza (AH/E Spring 06 Rollin Deep, TX Women’s), my niece Tatiana and I got in a car and off we went…

    On the way, we stopped at our Kappa Chapter (Montclair State University, Montclair, NJ). The next day we drove to New York City to meet my line sister, Founding Sister of Alpha Pi Chapter, Jen Vega (from SUNY- New Paltz) and Angela Regalado from Alpha Nu chapter (City College, NY Metropolitan Area). We left NY in the middle of the night due to my ridiculous allergic reaction to Jen’s dog. We got into Rhode Island early in the morning. Good times…

    Ocean eXpsoure has been one of my most memorable experiences as a sister. I look forward to taking the trip out there with all of my chapter sisters… I’m sure my LS Yaya appreciates the support and so does the I Have a Dream Foundation…

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