Verterans Day Facts 2009

BeCUS we couldn’t say it better ourselves:

Written by Suzane Levine

I had the honor of riding the train with a Veteran this morning in his dress uniform on the way to an event. I thanked him for his service and he told me he had been to Iraq twice. In honor of him and all of those who have served to protect our freedom, I wanted to share some Verterans Day facts for 2009:

– Veterans Day was originally observed as Armistice Day in honor of the end of WWI fighting on 11/11/1918 at 11am

– Armistice Day (now Veterans Day) was observed as a yearly moment of silence at 11/11 at 11am. It became an official holiday and day off for most folks in 1938 and in 1954 was expanded to include all US veterans not just those who served in WWI

– As of 2008 there were 23.2 million living US veterans

– 33% of living US verterans (7.8 million) served during the Vietnam war

– 3.4 million veterans are living with a service-related disability

Sources: US Census Bureau, Wikipedia


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