Letter from Our Sister

Chi Upsilon Sigma is not affiliated with any political party. Everyone is titled to their own opinions and political views.

In light of recent events in Arizona, we received this letter from one of our sisters from our University of Arizona chapter.

Recently Arizona governor Jane Brewer has been thinking about passing SB 1070 “the safe neighborhood act”. It targets Mexicans/ Mexican Americans/ Chicanos/as. ..or anyone who “looks like an  illegal immigrant”, so basically racial profiling. Last week some shuttles that take people from Nogales (an Arizona/ Mexico bordertown) to Tucson and Phoenix were seized based on racial profiling and my boyfriend’s dad’s shuttle was seized and is under investigation. ICE, TPD (Tucson Police Department), and SWAT are patrolling our neighborhoods and terrorizing people based on the color of their skin (sounds familiar huh). These government and federal agencies waited outside of schools to deport parents who could not prove their citizenship. They are only targeting the South Side (because it is predominantly  Latino). I ask that you help us get this senate bill vetoed! I have been in the midst of helping RIFA (Reform Immigration of America) organize the protests and rallies here in Tucson and now I am calling on you to help us! This is an urgent situation that needs immediate attention as it is a violation of HUMAN rights.

HERE’S WHAT YOU CAN DO (and you can sign, call and fax as much and as many as you want!):

Sign Border Action’s Petition to Governor Brewer

Sign this Petition from Change.org

Send an Email through America’s Voice

Send an Email through Alto Arizona

Send a Fax through Credo Action

Send a Fax through United Farm Workers

Monica Rae Russell

CUS stands for Corazones Unidos Siempre, a promise from sister to sister to remain true to one another and to the the dream of our Founders.


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