Expanding Wisdom

Congratulations to Klaudia Brown (AZ/H #2 SP07) on her acceptance to Quinnipiac University! We are all SO PROUD and know she will do amazing in her program!

(Klaudia is the 7th woman of Chi Upsilon Sigma
to enter a Master's program. Officially making
over 50% of our members in or finished with
their Masters.)

Fast Facts about Quinnipiac in Hamden,CT:

A private, coeducational university, Quinnipiac offers graduate and undergraduate programs in a technology-rich environment. The University’s Mount Carmel Campus, resting in the shadow of Sleeping Giant Mountain, is an architectural showcase of fine brickwork, with a soaring clock-tower above the library. This campus is home to most of our residence halls, academic buildings, University offices and athletic fields. Our York Hill Campus is home to the TD Bank Sports Center and our newest residence halls. The North Haven Campus features our state-of-the-art School of Health Sciences building, and further development is underway.

School colors: Blue and gold
University name: “Quinnipiac” is derived from a native American word that some sources claim means “people from the long-water land.” Other sources say it derives from a word meaning “to make change in the direction of travel.”


7 thoughts on “Expanding Wisdom

  1. You’ve been working your butt off for this opportunity and you deserve it! Good luck, I know you’re going to do so great! I love you and I’m soooo proud of you!!

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