Sister Spotlight

Recently our very own Roxanna Latifi (AZ/Beta SP04) was featured in the University of Texas – Arlington’s Student Affairs Newsletter! Here is her feature. Congrats Roxy!!!

Faculty/Staff Spotlight

Roxanna Latifi
Greek Life & University Events

Roxanna Latifi graduated with her bachelor’s degree at Texas Christian University and received her master’s degree in educational leadership & policy studies at the University of Texas at San Antonio. She is a student development specialist with University College Programs where she works with specific student demographics such as student veterans, transfer students and the Greek Life community.
Greek Life & University Events has had the pleasure of working with Roxanna as she helps develop academic success initiatives for the Greek community as well as helping to design an assessment for the Greek students to see which areas they feel they need more assistance in.

“Greek Life has made a lot of strong changes regarding our academic initiatives this past year and we’ve really seen improvement on all levels. Having Roxanna as a part of our team is only going to make the academic year of 2010-11 ever more successful.”  – Julie Murphy, coordinator of Greek Life.


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