Women POWs

(This event is not affiliated with Chi Upsilon Sigma)

We are an organization predominately of Latinas but we have sisters of all cultures too so this is a great opportunity to learn about a history and culture that is often considered “taboo” and therefore not openly talked about. It is also an opportunity to hear from a group of STRONG WOMEN!

Breakfast Fundraiser
September 5 · 9:30am – 11:00am
Hoblitzell Park in Plano
7500 Red River, Plano, TX

About this event:
The summer of 1988 was the armistice between Iran and Iraq after 8 years of bloody war. The Ayatollah Khomeni ordered the execution of ALL political prisoners, even ones who had served out their terms and ones not tried yet. It is believed that in a two week period, close to 30,000 individuals were executed. There is a group of 10 former female prisoners who have kept this memory alive, they reside in Dallas and are called “1988 Massacre Committee.” They are pretty much dismissed and ignored by everyone. This is a fundraiser to raise awareness and allow them to continue their activism.

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