Connecting the Regions

Dedication –(n)-: the act of devoting wholly and earnestly, as to some person or purpose

Sisterhood –(n)-: a congenial relationship or companionship among women; mutual female esteem, concern, support, etc.

Earlier in the first week of July, our chapter sister Felisha “Zielana” Treviño (Alpha Zeta/Kappa) traveled to Pennsylvania to spend time with her boyfriend’s family for a birthday celebration. Due to the birthday celebration being from Friday to Saturday and Felisha was leaving Sunday to come back to Texas for work, it would be difficult to come out to a small rural town in Pennsylvania during the work week on such short notice.  However, one of her line sisters, TaLisa “Teth’naru” Ramos (Beta Theta/Alpha) ,who crossed the same semester she did, actually drove out for more than 2 hours, two days in a row, to visit her. That is a real account of her dedication to our sisterhood, Chi Upsilon Sigma, and we thank her for it. Felisha knew that if she needed a ride to the airport more than 2 hours away, her sisters would be there to help her. We as a chapter would like to thank TaLisa Ramos for coming out and representing our sisterhood and the bonds we share!

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Reference: Felisha Treviño (Alpha Zeta/Kappa) is wearing the red shirt, and TaLisa Ramos (Beta Theta/Alpha) is wearing the black shirt.

With love and many thanks,

Alpha Zeta Chapter, Texas Christian University


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