Representing TeXas at Ocean eXposure!!

In a summer where the sweltering heat exceeds past 100°F for over 40 consecutive days in the Lone Star State, what can compare to spending time in another state baking by the beach and being with your sisters all across the nation? Alpha Iota Chapter, located at the University of Rhode Island in Kingston, RI, celebrated its 8th annual “Ocean eXposure” event where sisters and other Greeks all across the nation came to Rhode Island on Saturday, July 30, 2011 for barbecue, swimming, games, music and Greek unity. Besides eXperiencing the ocean CUS style, profits made from the event go to our national philanthropy “I Have a Dream” Foundation (IHAD). Escaping the calidity, meeting new people and donating to philanthropy? Win!
To take part in this annual celebration, all the way from Texas and our own chapter, Alpha Zeta, three of our sisters traveled to Ocean eXposure: Amanda Kruse (Alpha Zeta/Eta #4), Carolina Chavarria (Alpha Zeta/Iota #1), and Sandy Jacquez (Alpha Zeta/Lambda #1). Instead of being reclusive within our chapter, these women got to meet countless people from different Greek organizations across the U.S.!

“…I enjoyed getting to meet new sisters… especially spending quality time and bonding with my sisters Sandy Jacquez (Alpha Zeta/Lambda) and Marie Deyro (Eta/Iota)…” –Carolina Chavarria

We’re so thrilled that a few of our chapter sisters not only represented us at this event, but also Texas by going – and that they had a blast! Hopefully next year more of our sisters in Texas will be able to attend, and that by that time in 2012 we won’t be suffering under this heat wave any longer.

Congratulations, Alpha Iota Chapter of Chi Upsilon Sigma, National Latin Sorority, Inc. for a profitable event yet again, and we wish you all the best in your upcoming year!


Alpha Zeta Chapter, Texas Christian University, Chi Upsilon Sigma, National Latin Sorority, Inc.


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