Long Live my Vagina!

“Lasting social and cultural change is spread by ordinary people doing extraordinary things.”  This is exactly what our unstoppable leaders, Emely Torres and Sandy Jacquez, did, by participating in The Vagina Monologues.  Created by playwright and activist Eve Ensler, this unique play addresses rape, incest, battery, genital mutilation, sexual slavery, abuse and women’s sexuality.  It educates and changes social attitudes towards violence against girls and women and calls for violence against them to end.  The play itself is a small part of VDAY, which is a grassroots movement that also includes films and large-scale stop-the-violence campaigns all over the world.

One in three women will be physically or sexually abused in their lifetime, inflicting physical and mental pain and devaluing their human dignity.  Think of the women in your midst… this could be you, your mother, your niece, your sister, your friend, your sorority sister… It’s time to stop the violence!  “Art has the power to transform thinking and inspire people to act.”  Emely and Sandy broke the silence by courageously speaking out against violence through The Vagina Monologues.

Congratulations Emely and Sandy for a job well done!


About CUS - Alpha Zeta Chapter

Picture In the Spring of 2002 a group of women realized their common want and need for an organization that was something greater than what already existed at Texas Christian University; thus leading to the beginning of a concept that would turn out to have extraordinary outcomes. After many weeks of researching different sororities they came upon Corazones Unidos Siempre Chi Upsilon Sigma National Latin Sorority, Incorporated and upon this discovery the searching ended. The women wanted an organization that embodied sisterhood, education, and community service. This and much more was exemplified by Chi Upsilon Sigma. The two devoted women, Eugenia Redondo and Lisa Marie Cano, established the Alpha Zeta Colony at TCU on Sunday, April 13, 2003. Alpha Zeta Colony received Chapter recognition on April 11, 2005. The women of Alpha Zeta dedicate their efforts to promote the sorority’s motto, “Wisdom through Education” as well as educate the public on social, political, cultural, and educational issues. As Alpha Zeta continues to grow with women who are not content to accept an ordinary life, who are willing to make a difference and who are not afraid to voice their opinion, the Light of CUS will never grow dim.
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One Response to Long Live my Vagina!

  1. Narcely Ruiz (AZ/E) says:

    You women rock!

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