Transcending to eXcellence

¡Felicitaciones a Felisha Treviño! (Alpha Zeta chapter, Kappa line)


 Texas Christian University’s Harris College of Nursing was accepted as the only nursing school out of three schools total to receive a prestigious grant from C-Change, an organization founded in 1998 to “assemble the nation’s cancer leaders from the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors and from across the cancer continuum – prevention, early detection, treatment, to palliative care and survivorship. The mission of C-Change is to eliminate cancer at the earliest time possible by leveraging the expertise and resources of its members.” Of all the applicants, Felisha was one of six nursing students accepted into this inaugural program that will take course during the summer of 2012.

This externship & class provide an introduction to ambulatory oncology nursing. It is designed to allow the student optimum opportunity for in-depth exploration of the various aspects of providing care in the non-acute setting to patients and caregivers from diagnosis to surveillance. TCU’s Harris College of Nursing has collaborated with UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, TX in order to provide Felisha and the other five nursing students this great opportunity. UTSW Medical Center is a eminent forerunner and advocate for cancer treatment, research, and survivorship in the nation, and has been awarded over $30 million in research and treatment advancement for cancer.

Ms. Treviño (future BSN, class of 2013) has three semesters left at TCU and has been a leader in the nursing program; she has received recognition by HCN faculty numerous times, won several nursing scholarships, working as a research assistant, and being accepted as an HCN Nursing Fellow. After graduating and becoming a registered nurse (BSN, RN), she plans on acquiring her certification in oncology nursing (OCN) and working immediately after graduation in oncology. She quotes:

“Coming into Texas Christian University, I had the general notion that I wanted to focus my nursing career on something that called for: strong work ethic, constant change, and where I could therapeutically communicate with my patients without admonishment from physicians or other members of the health care team. Oncology nurses are: strategic in their care plans, eager to learn more about their patients and their individual illnesses, were responsible for their actions and held their patients accountable, and most importantly, were relatable; they are not only forerunners in oncology research, but also some of the most pivotal members in patient care.

I sought nursing because of its humbling nature – that nurses are often unrecognized heroes in society. I want to be involved in every aspect of my patients’ hospital stay: I want to be present at diagnosis, during treatment, and during palliation if called for. I strive for the chance to help my patients each step of the way, and let them know that if there is anyone that truly does care for them and wishes for their well-being, it is me. This is why I chose oncology nursing.”

The sisters of Chi Upsilon Sigma, Alpha Zeta chapter, would like to congratulate Felisha on her achievement, and commend her for her ambition and zealous attitude. We hope that she has an academically stimulating and wonderous experience, and await for her to commit her talents to the profession of oncology nursing.




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