Happy 10 Year Anniversary Roxanna!

We have an amazing sister that deserves to be in the spot light! Roxanna Latifi has dedicated 10 years of hard work and passion to the sisterhood and we celebrate her 10 year anniversary in this family. We asked her to share some of her to reflect on the impact CUS has had in her life and this is what she had to say…

RoxyHow has CUS helped define your character, service and leadership?

“Going through the CUS educational process gave me the opportunity to honor the sacrifices people made before me. It challenges you. By understanding those sacrifices, we are empowered to become better women of character to serve and to lead.”

What have you enjoyed most about being a sister of CUS?

“That’s a hard one. The most? The laughter, maybe. The ability to be myself and have sisters love me with the good and not so good. The way we educate and empower ourselves and the community. The ability to walk up to a woman who is wearing Chi Upsilon Sigma across her heart (literally and figuratively) and know she is my sister. But you’d have to join first to really know that feeling!”

What advice would you give to those interested in CUS?        

“Take CUS out for an interview. Make sure our values are in line with yours. If they are, there will be no regrets.”

Happy 10 year anniversary Roxy, we love you!!


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