Neophyte SP15 #1

Alma  Guadalupe Luna- President

Alma “Blazor” Luna is currently a senior at TCU majoring in Political Science and Spanish/Hispanic Studies with a Latino/a Studies minor. Her interest in Chi Upsilon Sigma began her sophomore year when she was looking for an organization that would encompass her passion for serving her community and empowering women. After becoming a sister in the spring of 2015, she continued to develop her leadership skills as an executive board member of United Latino Association and as a member of the TCU Model United Nations team and TCU Forensics team.


Neophyte SP15 #3

Edith Moreno- Vice President

Edith “D’ara” Moreno is currently a senior majoring in Social Work at TCU. Her desire to help women of different backgrounds create a home away from home is what led her to becoming a sister in the spring of 2015. Since then she has served multiple leadership roles within our sisterhood including serving as president in the Fall of 2015 and as a member of the New Member Educator Team in the Spring of 2016. She is characterized as a caring person by her friends and loved ones further affirming her mission to spread a message of kindness wherever she goes.



Neophyte SP15 #2

Valerie Gonzalez-Historian


Valerie “Suresa” Gonzalez will be a rising junior this fall. She is a Film/Television/Digital Media major with a Political Science minor. Val joined our organization the spring semester of her freshman year after being drawn by the sisterhood CUS women offered her since she arrived on campus. She is a member of the TCU marching band where her love for TCU Football only seems to grow bigger each season. Val is a creative individual and expresses her passion for music through dance. You can view her adventures via her youtube vlog “Letters to Maggie.”






Samantha Gonzalez Community Service Chair

Samantha “Finacera” Gonzalez will be a sophomore at TCU this fall as a Pre-Business major. As a fierce believer in the importance of helping underrepresented women develop themselves professionally, she quickly discovered that CUS fit her values perfectly and became a sister in the spring of 2016. Her optimistic eagerness to contribute to the betterment of our organization, even as our newest member, is a testament of her driven personality. Sammy is a part of TCU United Latino Association and also enjoys volunteering with Young Life at local high schools. Dogs are her favorite.




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